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Precise and accurate demographic analyis and enrollment projections are crucial to making well-informed decisions that will provide the best educational experience possible. Whether your district is growing or declining, building new facilities or modernizing existing schools, a demographic study will help chart the right course through your districts unique challenges. 


                                                                                         New For 2021

We will be incorporating the new 2020 Census data that will provide an update on student yield rates. We will also be factoring in the approved new TK for all 4-year-olds. This will gradually increase the TK grade over the next four school years. Finally, we will be watching to see what happens with the planned opening of school in the fall. We anticipate there will likely be some new trends occurring as education begins to return to the pre-pandemic trends.




Demographics & Enrollment Projections

Specializing In

Enrollment Projections  // Birth Rate Analysis  // Facility Capacitites and Utilization  // New Housing Impacts  // School Attendance Patterns  // Budget Planning  // Portable Management

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